Theft Crimes

Theft Crimes

Sometimes referred to as larceny, theft covers a broad range of property crimes in California. The criminal classification of theft, and the sentencing that results, is largely dependent upon the nature of what was stolen. If the value of the stolen property is in excess of $950, the crime is classified as grand theft. If the value of the stolen property is less than $950, the crime is classified as petty theft. The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr can help you understand the charges you face and explain the various options available to you.

Criminal charges can result from the theft of:

  • Money
  • Personal property
  • Real property
  • The value of services performed

If that which was stolen was services or labor, its value is calculated over a 12-month period. If the value of stolen labor exceeded $950 in any one-year stretch, the defendant may be charged with grand theft. Any theft of domestic livestock or farm goods in excess of $250 may also be classified as grand theft. A felony conviction for grand theft can include a prison sentence of up to three years for a first-time offender.


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