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The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr provides aggressive criminal defense for their clients throughout the State of California and also in other states with professional, personal, diligent and affordable criminal defense legal services. Founder, Criminal Defense Lawyer Albert Perez Jr has handled a wide range of criminal matters from DUI’s, Theft, Gang matters to Homicide, Murder 1. The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr proudly provides their clients with excellent service, while striving to obtain the best results. There is nothing more stressful than being charged with a crime, which can carry severe consequences that can ruin your life, your family’s lives, take away your liberties and harm your future. If you have been arrested and/or charged with a crime and/or believe you may be under investigation for a crime, you need an experienced and aggressive criminal defense firm who will fight hard for you.

Free Consultation

The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr provides a free half-hour consultation with no obligations because The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr believes in providing you with an opportunity to understand what you’re legally facing before making a decision on your lawyer. The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr wants to make sure that after your consultation you have a firm understanding of your rights, charges and defenses.

Reasonable Price

The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr understands that hiring an attorney is not only important but necessary to assist you in your legal defense and preservations of your constitutional rights. The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr bases their retainers on your criminal charges and the defenses necessary to defend you and thus their Retainers take into consideration many factors. Also, The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr offers reasonable payment plans for individuals who can’t fully pay for the services.

Quality Representation

The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr believes that you should hire the best when you are facing the possiblity of life altering circumstances. Attorney Albert Perez, Jr. has provided close to 30 years of the highest quality legal services and has been on TV News, CNN, Date Line and 60 Minutes for his work in criminal defense. The Law Office of Albert Perez, Jr. offers the highest quality legal services. The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr will work hard and tirelessly for you.


Are you facing criminal charges? Are you unsure of your legal rights? Do you have an experienced attorney who’s going to fight for you? The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr and their attorneys are experienced and aggressive and know how to fight for you in court and defend you against your charges. The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr practices law in the following areas:

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Our Process Simple

After criminal charges are filed against you or before they are filed against you, contact us at the Law Office of Albert Perez Jr and schedule a half hour free office consultation or a 5 minute free telephone consultation or ask a question here and lawyers will review your question and either contact you or provide a brief response to your question.

Set Up Consultation Appointment

You can call or fill the contact information to book an appointment for your free one half hour consultation or free 5 minutes phone consultation.

Discovery Meeting

An attorney will meet with you to analyze your charges, potentional charges, possible defenses and examine your current situation. Further, the attorney will explain the law, and what it means to you and any possible defenses. You will be prepared for court to either tight your case and/or work out the best possible result for you. Don’t hesitate and try to defend yourself or analyze the law by yourself, you need aggressive represtation that will help you obtain results.

What to Expect

The Law Office of Albert Perez Jr once retained to represnt you, will start working on your case diligently. You will meet with the attonryes handling your matter, review reports and information once received. Then, stratigze on whats the best route to take. That could be a trial by jury, a plea bargain or motions to reduce or dismiss your case or prevent charges from being filed against. The Law Office of Albert Perez, Jr. believes in privacy, so your information will be kept confidential.

Legal Questions

Legal Questions; should you have a quick question about your charges, potential charges, constitutional rights, possible defenses, ask your question here. A lawyer will contact you to discuss your situation confidentially and hopefully ease your mind. Don’t do this alone get legal representation, the Law Office of Albert Perez, Jr. has almost 30 years of experience to assist you in your time of need.


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